Cast Strainer


Hypro valves are self-acting, pilot operated diaphragm control valve that provides remarkable benefits and unparalleled value in both basic on/off operationsand sophisticated functions,

controlling pressures, levels and flows.

The valves are hydraulically operated automatic  valve that combines the simplicity and reliability of a diaphragm valve with the control  capabilities of a pilot operated, self-acting regulator.  The unique design of the valve optimizes both flow capacity and control. The revolutionary body design provides a streamlined  flow path and incorporates the multi-functional oval diaphragm  in an efficient hydrodynamic design.

This design provides superior resistance to cavitation and erosion and  insures  smooth  flow without turbulence or noise.

One basic valve…

At the heart of the valve lies the unique Hypro diaphragm, which is capable of opening and closing at 0.4 bar, as well as normal operation up to 16 bar. The valve’s incomparable versatility offers pressure reduction  over a wide range  of flows. Other valves have limitations and require special accessories or different diaphragms to achieve optimum results. Hypro valve’s greater range of flows overcomes these restrictions, providing immediate solutions for general water supply and irrigation.