Spherical Ball Valves


Ball valve: open-close part (sphere) by the valve stem drive, and around the axis of the stem for the rotary motion of the valve. Is mainly used to cut off or on line of medium, may also used for fluid regulation and control, including hard seal V ball valve its V ball core and overlaying carbide metal seat between strong shear force, is particularly applicable to contain fiber, small solid makings, and other media. And many pass ball valve in the line can not only flexible control medium concourse, tap, and flow switch, at the same time also can close any channel and make the other two channel connected.

This kind of valve in the duct shall generally be installed horizontally. Ball valve classification: pneumatic ball valves, electric valve, manual ball valve.

Eccentric ball valve, metal to metal hard seated

Technical Data
?Through conduit design, low pressure drop
?Quarter ball, light weight and dimensions, easy for installation.
?Metal to metal hard seated. Because of its high hardness, the sealing surface with good cutting ability to cut the thin steel bar and braided fabric
?Double flanged type, flange dimension and drilling EN1092/ISO5752(DIN2501), or other as request
?Face to face length EN558-1/ISO5752 series 3(DN300 and bigger size, enterprise standard)
?Pressure rating: PN 10/16/25/40/64
?Sizes: DN 100 – DN 2000
?Applications: water, waste water, oil, grain, slurry etc.