Tilting Disc Check Valves


Tilting disc check valve, with counterweight and hydraulic damper in option, is designed as double eccentic double falnge, and is applied in the water industry, irrigation, municipal engineering, water conservancy project, drinking water engineering, and etc.

Design standard: BS EN12334

Face to face length : EN558-1/ISO5752 series 14 (DIN3202 F4)

Flange dimension and drilling : EN1092/ISO5752(DIN2501), or other as request

Size: DN100 – DN4000

Pressure rating:PN6- PN10-PN16-PN25-PN40


1. Body

Large eccentric design disc provides large opening degree.

2. Bearing system

Stainless Steel base with PTFE bearing helps the free operation without stuck.

3. Disc

Streamlined low profile disc ensures the lower flow resistance

4. Body sealing

Stainless steel welded and finished body seat ensures Reliable and durable performance.

5 Flange

Flange and drilling to EN1092-2, face to face as per ISO5752 series 14

6. shaft bearing

Multiple shaft O rings provide long life and reliable sealing performance, which is easy to be adjusted or replace

7. disc seal ring

T profiled disc seal ring fixed by retainer ensures the reliable sealing performance in both direction, which is also easy to be adjusted or replaced without any special tools.